Your 4PL manager
in Brazil

Novatrade offers a one-stop solution for logistics and warehousing.

Do not miss the opportunity to get closer to your customers with a local stock, offering fast deliveries and local service.

We control and manage the supply chain by overseeing the combination of warehouses, shipping companies, freight, and agents, being the single point of contact between your organization and the entire supply chain system.


As a 4PL manager, we are responsible for all the supply chain management, for assessing, designing, building, running, and measuring solutions for you.

Challenges to set-up
a local stock in Brazil

  • Overseas online shops cannot deliver their products to the Brazilian warehouse door
  • Need for a local entity with an import license to clear the goods and maintain your stock
  • Dilemma: Should we invest in a subsidiary or try to find a reliable partner?
  • Failed to adapt the logistics to the Brazilian reality
  • Deal with a very bureaucratic and complex tax public system
  • Not reverse logistics infrastructure


Novatrade manages your supply chain operations in Brazil, door-to-door, from pick-up point at origin to the destination of your choice.

As a certified importer, we allocated our structure to make the clearance of your products possible and give the opportunity to set-up a local stock close to your customers.

Our professionals have extensive resources and knowledge of international shipping routes, Brazil customs clearance regulations and logistics tools such as bonded warehouse.

We use our abilities to help you maintain low-cost, efficient logistics operations and provide a superior customer experience.

We customize each business model to our customer’s needs due to our flexible and comprehensive services.

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Our core business is to respond to international companies wishing to set-up local stock and distribution facilities in Brazil without having any local structure.

Brazil is somewhat specific in terms of trade regulation and a foreign company cannot export its products and custom-clear it from abroad to deliver them to a fulfillment center or its customer.

You need a local company certified by customs authorities to do so.

We are both: a certified importer and logistics fulfillment provider, and therefore a complete solution to international companies interested in the Brazilian market.

We may work with your sales representatives, and we fulfill the order when a purchase is made, offering fast and tracked delivery to your customers.

We also offer BtB digital solution, making the order easier for your customers.

As the importer of your product, we are the main entity responsible for invoicing your customer and for the payment collection.

This is a BtBtC Business model. Where Novatrade acts as your externalized operational branch to overcome Brazilian import barriers and get a local stock without taking the risk of investing in a subsidiary.



  • R. Rodrigo Lobato, 15 – Vila Madalena, SP – CEP: 05030-130
  • R. Emídio Francisco da Silva, 531 – São José, SC – CEP: 88111-560

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