Import Temporary your Products to Brazil

We make our RADAR available to companies wishing to carry out a Temporary Importation into Brazil from abroad. Use Novatrade’s Import-Export structure to carry out your whole operation of Temporary Admission in Brazil. We take care of all the round trip (international door-to-door transport, local transport, import and export customs clearance).

The ATA carnet

The ATA is a system allowing the free movement of goods across borders and their temporary admission into a customs territory free from taxes. The goods are covered by a single document known under the ATA carnet which is secured by an international guarantee system. The term “ATA” is a combination of the first letters of the French words “Temporary Admission” and the English words “Temporary Admission”.

Under this system, the international business community profits from a considerable simplification of customs formalities. The ATA carnet serves as a declaration of goods for export, during transit and on importation. Moreover, no import duties or taxes are collected for the temporary importation of goods covered by the system since the internationally valid security has been established by the national associations issuing the ATA carnets.

Detail of our service

The types of Temporary Admission that we perform:

  • Salon & Fairs
  • Sending for test
  • Sending for demonstration
  • Road Show
  • Exhibition & Show Room
  • Sporting and cultural events
  • International Leasing

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