Successfully Launching a D2C E-commerce Brand in Brazil with Novatrade

The allure of Brazil’s e-commerce market is undeniable with an expected CAGR of over 2 digits % for the next four years. Many global and US D2C brands are keen to tap into this growth. However, Brazil’s intricate tax system, strict customs regulations, and a myriad of other regulatory challenges can be intimidating.

Understanding the Challenges of Entering the Brazilian Market

  1. Brazilian Tax System: Brazil has a dense tax structure with significant variations based on the product sold and the buyer’s location. Key taxes include ICMS (a circulation tax), PIS/COFINS (federal social contributions), and ISS (a municipal tax on services).
  2. Brazilian Customs Regulations: Brazil enforces rigorous customs rules related to documentation, packaging, and labeling. Non-adherence can lead to border delays, extra fines, or confiscation of goods.
  3. Other Regulatory Challenges: The country has specific restrictions on product categories, mandates for product testing, and certification needs that must be met.

Leveraging Importer of Record (IOR) and Merchant of Record (MOR) for a Smooth Entry

IOR and MOR services can be invaluable for brands aiming to penetrate the Brazilian market:

  1. Simplifying Tax Compliance: They handle registration with tax authorities, tax calculation, remittance, and maintain essential documentation. Brands, therefore, can primarily focus on their core operations.
  2. Managing Custom Fees: IORs assist in clearing goods at borders, paying the required fees, and ensuring all documentation is in place, guaranteeing timely product delivery.
  3. Navigating Regulations: From ensuring products meet the necessary standards to adhering to data protection laws, an IOR and MOR can be instrumental. Specific considerations include high import tariffs on certain items like electronics and luxury goods, mandatory licensing and authorizations for some products, product category restrictions, and a convoluted regulatory environment.

While IOR and MOR services are invaluable for entering the Brazilian market, brands should consider them as a stepping stone. The ultimate goal should be establishing an independent entity in Brazil to maximize potential in this burgeoning market.


Navigating Brazil’s e-commerce market can be intricate, but with the right guidance from services like IOR and MOR, many of these complexities can be alleviated.

The International Expansion team at Novatrade provides a robust IOR and MOR solution for D2C e-commerce brands eyeing Brazil. With our deep-rooted expertise and vast experience, we ensure a smooth transition for brands into the Brazilian e-commerce scene. Our services span from analyzing product-specific duties to managing product nationalization and tax collection upon sales.

Brands partnering with Novatrade can also leverage our established e-commerce fulfillment infrastructure in Brazil, ensuring seamless operations and success in this promising market.

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