Subsidiary Creation and Management in Brazil

Doing business in Brazil, and opening a subsidiary could be a real challenge facing the complexity and administrative specifications in Brazil.

Turnkey solution for opening and managing your subsidiary in Brazil

This service was created in response to the difficulties faced by foreign companies when setting up and managing their subsidiaries in Brazil. Doing business in Brazil, and opening a subsidiary could be a real challenge facing the complexity and administrative specifications in Brazil.

In order to facilitate the creation and management of a subsidiary and allowing foreign companies to optimize their tax and logistics in Brazil, Novatrade and Jade Associates join their expertise in Fiscal Engineering, Accounting, Implementation Consultancy and Supply Chain Management to deliver turnkey solutions In Brazil.


Company management

Brazilian law provides offers two options of legal representation:

  • The director of the company must be a person with a permanent resident visa.
  • Shareholders must be represented in the legal status by a person with a permanent resident visa

To facilitate this binding process, Novatrade and Jade offer these two types of mandates for you and your company.

An authorized manager from Jade Associates is legally responsible for representing the shareholders. However, he will never make any decision regarding the administration of your business. This simple administration service gives only the legal power to sign documents and to represent you. You decide the duration of such a mandate. You can make the decision at any time to change your administrator, to do so a simple change in your statutes will be sufficient.

Financial Administration

In order to help you to start your business in Brazil, we provide assistance in the financial management of your company through the following services:

  • Cash monitoring, validation and execution of payments
  • Sales tracking and collection of accounts receivable
  • Financial information: Depending on the needs of your group, the construction of a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly financial report

The rate will be based on your specific needs, indicating:

  • Requirements: P & L, cash flow, balance sheet, bridge reporting …
  • Requirements: IFRS or other,
  • Required format: our standard sizes or your forms,
  • Language requirements: Portuguese, Spanish, French, English or other.
  • Participation in meetings to review reports or not,
  • Detailed comments

Details of the Service Creation and Management of Subsidiary in Brazil

The preparation phase

Supply Chain Analysis

  • Tax Benefits by States
  • Importation State
  • Air Freight vs Sea Freight
  • Bonded warehouse vs Regular Warehouse
  • Simulation of logistics distribution costs

Simulation of import duties and taxes

  • Tariff analysis of Customs Code (NCM)
  • Impact of an Ex-tarifario
  • Import taxes and duties
  • Logistics costs

Simulation of selling costs

  • Tax credit
  • Sales topology (Industrialization, end user, reseller)
  • Intra-vs Inter-State Sales
  • Impact of ICMS ST
  • Tax optimization

Simulation of Accounting Model

  • Lucro Real vs Lucro Presumido vs Lucro Simple
  • Impact of IR
  • Impact of Human Resources
  • Dividends

Business Plan Validation

  • Customization of the Business Plan to Brazil
  • Forecasts

The operational phase

Administration and Accounting

Creating and Maganagement of your Subsidiary
  • Statute
  • Municipal / state / federal registration
  • Digital Certificate
  • Opening a bank account
Human Resources Services
  • Contract Drafting
  • Profit managemen
    • Meal ticket / Culture Tickets
    • Health insurance
    • Dental insurance
    • Life insurance
    • Private pension plan
    • Aid Funeral
    • Integration of new employees
  • Training and development
  • Workplace Relationship
  • Creation of employment contracts for the legal entity, liberal professionals and independent professionals
  • Contract termination
Rental agreement
  • Brazilian legal address
  • Renting offices
  • issuing invoices
Payroll Management
  • Employee Records
  • Payroll and invoice calculation
  • Follow-up and respect of the collective agreement with the Union
  • Management of possible departures and performance of employees according to labor laws
  • Monitoring of social obligations
  • Issuance of RAIS (Annual Report on Social Information)
  • Issuance of FRAD (Abstention of the Income Tax Return)

We provide you accounting records in accordance with Brazilian accounting and IFRS standards in order to facilitate your accounting reading.

We offer the following accounting services:

  • Quarterly or monthly closing
  • End-year closing
  • Chart of accounts
  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Bank reconciliations
Tax Services and IFRS Reimbursement

It is important to note that Brazil establishes three different acconting models:

  • Simplified (Lucro Simples)
  • Presumed Result (Lucro presumido)
  • Real Result (Lucro Real)

Our team will guide you in choosing the accounting model that best suits your project. The taxation of Brazilian companies must be reported to three different tax administrations: federal, state and municipal. To facilitate the process and save your time, Jade offers you a complete tax service.

Our services include, in accordance with tax standards:

  • Monthly income statement submitted to the PIS and COFINS
  • Monthly income statement submitted to the ISS, ICMS and IPI
  • Withholding tax on payments to suppliers
  • Issuance of payment slips to the tax administration
  • Monthly or quarterly (according to the tax system adopted) taxable income subject to corporate income tax (JPIP) and social contribution (CSLL)
  • Annual Summary Tax Return (DIPJ)

Import and logistics management

Import Flows Management
  • Acting as the Director of your Import Department
  • Execution of  simulations and pre-cost studies
  • Preparation and verification of import documents (invoice, packing list, fumigation certificate, certificate of origin) in accordance with the carrier, customs broker and supplier.
  • Negotiation of transport, storage and customs clearance of costs and validation of costs for  invoicing
  • Coordination of shipments and clearance procedures
  • Monitoring Siscoserv execution and RADAR import capabilities

Visit our Import Flows Management page for more information

Obtain RADAR
  • Obtaining RADAR (Habilitação Siscomex) required along with the RFB (Receita Federal Brasileira)
  • Monitoring of the release of RADAR by the RFB

Visit our Obtain RADAR page for more information

Reduction of Import Tax (Ex-Tarifario)

Reduce its Import Tax (II) to 2% by applying for an Ex-Tarifario tariff concession for a specific product without equivalent in Brazil.

Visit our Ex-Tarifario page for more information

Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory tracking
  • Receipt of sales / orders from the Sales Department and double control of logistics information on invoices
  • Coordination of order preparation and palletization with the warehouse
  • Development of a delivery schedule and coordination of deliveries with the carrier
  • Tracking deliveries

Visit our Trading Service page for more information

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