We integrate regulatory intelligence with our fulfillment solutions in benefit of your operation

Our Regulatory Services

Technical Assistance

  • Specialized support for understanding local rules and regulations (ANVISA, MAPA,INMETRO)
  • Verification and validation of manuals, labels, packages, inserts and mandatory certificates
  • Analysis and adaptation of processes to standards

Notification & Registration

  • Technical description of the product in Portuguese and submission of notification to consenting bodies, when applicable
  • Reception and checking of technical documentation
  • Organization of the product’s technical dossier in a language accepted by the consenting bodies
  • Follow-up of process analysis with the consenting bodies


  • Use of NT’s legal structure (CNPJ, radar, authorization to operate) for import, warehousing and distribution in Brazil
  • Issuance of import authorization declaration for third parties, when necessary

Certification Management

  • Support in the local organization of documentation
  • Local management of the certification company

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An integrated service for
regulated markets

Through Novatrade’s expertise, clients navigate even the most regulated markets with ease. Specializing in the analysis and registration of regulated products, we also ensure a smooth market entry with our efficient hosting solutions.

How does it work?


We assess the regulatory specifications for your products.


We manage the complete regulatory registration process


We offer a certified hosting framework for your product registration


We equip you with certified facilities for import, storage, and distribution as needed


We propel your business forward in Brazil with our tailored fulfillment solutions

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