Importing Express to Brazil

A solution created by Novatrade to assist companies that do not have a RADAR Habilitation and want to carry out express imports of goods of less than 3000 USD, our Cargo-Courier or Remessa Expressa Service allows you to free themselves of all Administrative and bureaucratic constraints.

It should be noted that the fixed costs remain the same as for the conventional procedure of importation, for a reduced quantity of goods. Novatrade’s innovation lies on the exclusive treatment of emergency: the Cargo-Courier does not overcharge the tight deadlines.

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Express Cargo-Courier

Advantages of the Cargo-Courier

  • No RADAR requirement (import authorization)
  • Import and clear the cargo within 24 hours legally
  • No weight or volume limits
  • No obligation of a opening a Brazilian subsidiary
  • Final import for sampling
  • Standard freight charges for express courier service

The only constraint is the value of the imported goods, which must not exceed USD 3000.

What the service includes

  • Commercial intermediation, transport estimatives (if required)
  • Elaboration of a pre-estimate (simulation) allowing to know the landed cost
  • Preparation of invoices & packing list in accordance with Brazilian customs and legislation
  • 24-hour customs clearance
  • Deliveries throughout Brazil (on quotation)