Novatrade manages your stock and distribution in Brazil

If you are launching an E-commerce in Brazil, please check out our service: Integrated Solution to Manage your Brazilian E-commerce from Abroad.

Our trading service allow foreign companies to perform domestic sales as a Brazilian company without incurring the expenses of opening a subsidiary. This advanced stock and distribution solution allows you to safely start your business in Brazil and test Brazil without commitment. In case you have already decided to open a subsidiary in Brazil we invite you to consult our service of Creation and Management of Subsidiary in Brazil.

Subscribing to our trading service implies to outsourcing the import transaction. In order to carry out the distribution of the goods, it is possible to create a local stock belonging to you and allowing you to commercialize your products directly, making the final deliveries to your customers by the Intermediation of Novatrade .

The final public selling price charged by Novatrade is fixed by your company and the contraction of this service governed by a non-exclusive distribution contract between Novatrade and your company.

Trading Service in Brazil


This solution of trading service has the advantage of avoiding the fixed costs and administrative hassles associated with opening a subsidiary in Brazil and saving valuable time to concentrate on prospecting and selling your products.

  • Affirm your local presence at a lower cost
  • Ensure fast deliveries
  • Offer a price in Reais
  • No cash advance because of the clearance of products and when sales are made
  • Products returned to the origin if they are not sold
  • Novatrade ensures for you on the spot the role of an outsourced subsidiary

Products and Financial Flows

Products Flow and Financial Flow

Details of our trading service

1. Importation

  • Documentary and legal preparation
  • Import and customs coordination
  • Negotiations and validation of logistics costs

2. Customs Clearance

  • Customs clearance and payment of import taxes
  • Issuance of the Fiscal Import Note

3. Storage / Packaging

  • Space adaptable according to volume of products
  • Dry refrigerated warehouse (as required)
  • Stock Management

4. Picking / Delivery

  • Picking and packaging according to each order
  • Management of final delivery throughout Brazil

5. Billing and Financial Control

  • Issuance of invoices (Fiscal Note)
  • Bank Reconciliation and Payments
  • Development and sending of a monthly dashboard (Total Turnover, Total Gross Margin, Total Profits)]

6. Support to the commercial department

  • Provision of the Novatrade commercial structure for the sales force
  • Assistance in preparing sales prices Brazil
  • Support in Brazilian taxation

Use of a Bonded warehouse available

Use of a Bonded warehouse available

Commercial Development

Business development, marketing and communication as well as pricing policy remain under the total control of your company. Novatrade does not intervene in the commercial negotiations with the final customers and is not responsible for the disposal of the local stock.

However, thanks to our network of partners, we can support you in your search for agents with a knowledge of the Brazilian market and language, or partners who will take care of you on site representation, prospecting, negotiations and Sales.