Use Novatrade Import-Export structure

Novatrade is a Trading Company that makes its structure available to carry out Import-Export operations. You can use the import-export structure of our company to export and sell your products in Brazil, or to import products from Brazil. We have a RADAR and propose the availability of our structure to carry out operations of international businesses with Brazil.

Import Resale via Novatrade

Detail of our service

Exporting from the World to Brazil:

  • Your Brazilian customer is not an importer? Use Novatrade to import in his place.
  • Does your Brazilian customer have no RADAR? Use Novatrade RADAR to perform the import.
  • Do you need to deliver in DDP? Use Novatrade RADAR to conduct DDP operations.
  • Do you want to make one shipment to deliver several Brazilian customers? Use Novatrade RADAR to import and dispatch your products locally.
  • Do you want to create a buffer or support stock in Brazil? Use Novatrade RADAR to set up a bonded warehouse.

Importing from Brazil to the World

  • Your Brazilian supplier does not know how to export? Use Novatrade to export in its place.
  • Your Brazilian supplier have no RADAR? Use Novatrade RADAR to complete the export.
  • Want to buy several products in Brazil? Use Novatrade as a buying center and Brazilian export platform.