What is the landed cost of your products in Brazil?

Before importing or exporting products to and from Brazil, it is wise to know the price at which one can feasibly resell goods and remain competitive in the Brazilian market. Our cost-calculation service determines the price of your products paid at customs combined with all other importation costs (transport, insurance, customs, import duties and taxes).

Being able to communicate a price in Brazilian reais is a strong commercial asset for determining the viability of establishing a business abroad. However, due to the complexity of the Brazilian customs and fiscal system, it is difficult to arrive at an accurate price.

Import Duties and Taxes Calculation


Calculating the Import Duties and Taxes allows you to:

  • Communicate a price to potential investors after customs
  • Determine a price that is relevant within the Brazilian market
  • Compare your price position versus competitors
  • Understand the patterns and costs of Brazilian taxation
  • Save time and have a clear and precise response to your import/export projects
  • Know how much you can get back in tax credits

Import Duties and Tax Calculation: Details of Our Service

The Import Duties and Tax Calculation service is in the form of a table summarizing the total costs to import your products.

Import Costs     
International transportCollectionFreight CostAssurance
Import dutiesImport duties (II)Tax on Industrialized Products (IPI) State Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS)Social Integration Program (PIS)Contribution for Social Security Financing COFINS
Destination feeMaritime TaxSISCOMEX TaxPort of entry storage
Additional costs related to the port of destination
Customs clearanceDevelopment of Customs DocumentsCustoms Broker FeeSpecial Procedures for Clearance
DeliveryLoading at the port of entryFinal TransportUnloading at destination

Our service allows you to accurately estimate your imports’ total costs in various scenarios. Depending on the products and your objective, we perform several simulations, modifying certain parameters, such as the type of international transport, the destination terminal, packaging, the cost of logistics transport, etc., to help you determine the best import strategy according to your needs.

Note that in Brazil as each state has different taxes and tax rates, it might be more economical to import via a different state than your destination state. Our estimate is detailed for every product and allows you to highlight the creditable/recoverable taxes and net import value.

Our Key Advantages

  • Identification of tax credits (recoverable taxes)
  • Inclusion of an import coefficient per product
  • Tax Analysis according to:
    • The state of entry
    • The goods/customs code NCM
    • The mode of transportation: air or sea.
  • Verify, if necessary:
    • The import license(s) to be designed according to the product(s)
    • Registration of the Importer and product with Brazilian Authorities to sell the product(s) within Brazilian territory.