Outsourcing of your Logistics in Brazil

The Sales and Deliveries Administration service aims be support you in storage management, the order preparation and the deliveries for your brazilian customers. It can be supplemented by issuing invoices, monitoring and stock control (via a Brazilian ERP). The aim is to facilitate the administration of your sales force and Supply Chain in Brazil on behalf of Novatrade’s customers.

Sales and Deliveries Administration

Why relying on the Sales and Deliveries Administration service?

With many years of market experience and logistics in Brazil, Novatrade offers its expertise to foreign companies wishing to expand their sales in Brazil. In association with a Commercial Representative or the Commercial Department of your company Novatrade is committed to ensuring the perfect management of invoicing, warehousing and delivery procedures. Novatrade coordinates the back office of your company from the reception of the order until the final delivery of the products; Supporting inventory, order preparation and road deliveries. Novatrade relies on an ERP for the realization of this service.

This guarantee is made possible by a profound knowledge of the professional culture, Brazilian processes, the language, the administration and the Brazilian bureaucracy. Using Novatrade means gaining efficiency and productivity. By centralizing sales administration and delivery logistics within the same structure and on a part-time basis, saving money from hiring of an employee and the establishment of a local business structure.

What is our service?

This service is developed on 3 main aspects as the following table:

A commercial part

Help with the preparation of the estimatives
ICMS-ST calculation
Calculation of road transport (delivery)

An operational part

Administrative and operational management of orders
With the warehouse:
- Order preparation (picking, packing and palletizing)
- Reception of the NF of "retorno simbólico"
Calculation of road transport (delivery)
Implementation of the delivery schedule
With the accounting department:
- Issuing sales tax notes

An administrative part

Project follow-up
Supervision of transport and delivery
Implementation of the activity of tracking dashboard (demande de réassort / replenishment request / inventory update)
Balance sheet and presentation of delivery notes and corresponding tax notes

This service is presented in the form of a contract, with the provision of a dedicated employee (hourly volume to be defined) in order to structure the activity according to the particularities (ex: 2h per day the first 6 months, 1h then). The contract is extendable over periods to be negotiated case-by-case.