Fiscal and Customs Engineering

  • Tax and Logistics Implementation Study
  • Customs Code Classification and Revision (NCM)
  • Import Duties and Taxes Calculation DDP
  • Import and Resale Calculation Simulator
  • Ex-Tarifario (Import Duties Reduction)
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Import-Export and Trading Brazil

  • Import and distribute in Brazil with Novatrade (Trading Service)
  • Obtain a RADAR Habilitation (SISCOMEX)
  • Import Resale via Novatrade
  • Temporary Import in Brazil
  • Express Cargo-Courier
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Supply Chain and 4PL Logistic Outsourcing

  • Local stock management in Brazil and Billing in BRL
  • Import Flows Management
  • Bonded Warehouse
  • Sales and Deliveries Administration
  • Import on Behalf and Under Order
  • Subsidiary Creation and Management in Brazil
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E-commerce Solution

  • Manage your Brazilian E-commerce from Abroad
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Services with our Brazilian Partners

  • Business Center in Brazil
  • Business Development and Sourcing in Brazil
  • Registration MAPA, ANVISA, INMETRO
  • Obtain Export Funding
  • Tax Credit Recovery and Compliance
  • Accounting Services in Brazil
  • HR Services in Brazil
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