Odellā Brasil Shines at CIOSP 2023 with Novatrade’s Accelerator Program

In the dynamic world of international trade, Novatrade proudly announces its successful collaboration with Odellā Brasil, catapulting them into the heart of the Brazilian market through the renowned CIOSP (Congresso Internacional de Odontologia de São Paulo) 2023—the second-largest dental fair globally.

CIOSP, as the second biggest Odonto fair globally, presents a remarkable platform for dental industry players to showcase innovations, build partnerships, and strengthen their presence in the market. This year, Odellā Brasil seized this unparalleled opportunity, featuring brands such as Laboratoires FILLMED, Hydrafacial, and LPG Endermologie. The stage was set for Odellā to make waves in the Brazilian dental landscape.

What sets Odellā apart in their CIOSP journey is Novatrade’s Accelerator Program, a groundbreaking initiative that empowers international businesses to swiftly establish and flourish in the Brazilian market. Through this program, Odellā experienced a record-breaking entry into Brazil, focusing on what they do best—their core business.

Novatrade’s Accelerator Program is designed to streamline the complex processes of market entry, allowing businesses to concentrate on their strengths while Novatrade takes care of the rest. Odellā Brasil’s participation in CIOSP 2023 is a testament to the program’s success, enabling them to operate and sell in Brazil in record time.

Novatrade team members were available at the event, ensuring that Odella’s teams could focus on the core business:

  • We provided support in managing suppliers before/after the event.
  • We assist with legal support in registering as an exhibitor at CIOSP, providing all the necessary documentation.
  • Also Novatrade provided fiscal support (placing orders in ERP and issuing invoices) and logistics (delivery of orders at the event, and sending orders after the event).

The Novatrade team stands alongside Odellā Brasil, providing unwavering support as they navigate the intricacies of the Brazilian market. From regulatory compliance to logistics and beyond, Novatrade ensures that Odellā can fully focus on their mission while we handle the operational intricacies.

The collaboration between Novatrade and Odellā Brasil exemplifies the transformative journey that businesses can embark on when armed with the right support. Novatrade’s Accelerator Program isn’t just about market entry; it’s about enabling businesses to thrive, grow, and make a lasting impact.

In conclusion, Novatrade is proud to be part of Odellā Brasil’s success story at CIOSP 2023. As we continue to support our partners in conquering new markets, we reaffirm our commitment to being the catalyst for international businesses aiming to flourish in Brazil.

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