Import on Behalf and Under Order

Subcontracting your imports to Brazil

The import modality “Conta e Ordem de Terceiros” or Import on Behalf,  is proposed by Novatrade to allow companies to assign all administrative and operational procedures related to the import process. Subscribing to this solution means to outsource the import operation by mandating Novatrade to carry out customs clearance of the goods on your behalf.

Both your and Novatrade’s RADAR are used and registered with the customs system : SISCOMEX. The operation go as follows:

  • Novatrade’s RADAR is used for the clearance of the goods. Our company is responsible to the government legality of the import. We shall also issue the Import Tax Note ( “NF de Entrada”).
  • Your RADAR is used to inform Receita Federal that your company is the final purchaser of the merchandise and will receive the merchandise through a Transfer Tax Note ( “NF de Remessa”) from Novatrade.

Details of the service Import on Behalf

The total value of the costs involved in the operation is advanced to Novatrade by the final purchaser (transport, customs clearance, taxes, etc.) before the goods are shipped.

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