Import Licenses in Brazil

The Import Licenses system (IL)

The SISCOMEX, computer system of import and export procedures registration, enforces since the January 2nd, 1997. Since then, the information related to import operations are entered and registered in the system by the importer. Usually, pharmaceutical and agro-food products should come to Brazil with an import license. This IL is available upon request from the competent Public Supervisory Authority.

Import Licenses in Brazil

Import Categories

1. Importations subject to the regime of « licenciamento automático» (automatic license)

These importations mainly do not require any prior authorization before boarding. Only the import declaration has to be presented during the customs clearance. The import declaration contains general information about the import operation and detailed information about the imported goods. This information is entered in the system by the importer himself or his legal representative before the Receita Federal.

2. Importations subject to the regime of « licenciamento não automático» (non-automatic license)

In this case, information related to the importation has to be communicated via the SISCOMEX before the goods boarding. The competent Brazilian authorities then analyze this information. It is only after obtaining the Import License that the goods can be boarded. The Import License and the Import Declaration have to be presented during the customs clearance. Once the Import License obtained, the exporter has 60 days to board the goods. The difficulty remains in the fact that the products subject to the regime of licenciamento não automático is no more published since September 1998. That is why it is always preferable to ask the SISCOMEX before any goods boarding to Brazil.

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