Reduce your Import Tax in Brazil

An Ex-Tarifario is a tariff concession request for a specific product that is not manufactured in Brazil. This concession allows you to obtain a product-specific Customs classification (NCM), reducing the Import Tax (II) to 2%.

It is important to highlight that this concession applies only to products defined in TEC (Tarifa Externa Comum) as:

  • BK (Capital Goods)
  • BIT (Information and Telecommunication Goods)
  • As well as if these goods are not produced in Brazil and/or would represent a reduction in the investment cost.

This tax system does not apply to second-hand merchandise, retail products or integrated systems. The CAEx (Committee of Análise de Ex-tarifários) only considers machines.

This concession tariff allows the Brazilian government to modernize its industries and improve the country’s infrastructure while promoting:

  • Investments in BK (capital goods) and BIT (information and telecommunications’ goods)
  • Innovation by companies from different economic sectors (with the integration of new non-existent technologies in Brazil and / or with positive effects on the productivity and competitiveness of the sector in question)
  • Job creation and income generation

Find out if you can benefit from an Ex-Tarifario – Check if your product is eligible!

Before checking out the Ex-Tarifario application process in detail, it is important to know this request must be made by a Brazilian importer. It cannot be carried out by a foreign company. Once obtained, the Ex-Tarifario can be used by any Brazilian company wishing to import the customers’ products or similar products corresponding to the description given by Ex-Tarifario.

Apply for an Ex-Tarifario

In the past, one needed to submit all Ex-Tarifario applications to a representative group of Brazilian domestic producers to obtain a non-similarity certificate. It took on average 30 days to acquire this authorization, and in a few cases the excessive protectionism of the national industry could delay the issuance of certain authorizations for months.

Nowadays, it is enough to carry out the Ex-Tarifario request with the MDIC (Ministério do Desenvolvimento, Indústria e Comércio Exterior) in Brasilia. This request and protocol takes between three and five months.

Once these steps for obtaining an Ex-Tarifario have been completed, all that remains is to wait for the CAEx to analyze the application and the CAMEX (Câmara de Comércio Exterior) to approve it. Then the CAMEX publishes the new certifications every three months on their website with the updated list of all ex-tarifarios.

See if an Ex-Tarifario already exists for your product? Consult the list of ex-rates in force!

Our Ex-Tarifario Service

Since it is an extremely bureaucratic task, obtaining an Ex-Tarifario can take a long time and be chaotic for companies not used to Brazilian administrative logic. Specialized in tax and customs engineering, we are used to completing these applications and are familiar with the legislation concerning these procedures.

Novatrade’s support for obtaining an Ex-Tarifario includes:

  • The complete list of documents provided by the exporter to obtain Ex-Tarifario (Information of the company requesting it, technical product information, estimate of import volume, investment and purpose of the request).
  • Our availability, to apply for an Ex-Tarifario with the MDIC, in case you do not have a subsidiary in Brazil. (A confidentiality agreement is signed between the customer and Novatrade regarding the technical details of the products).
  • Preparation of Ex-Tarifario’s application to the MDIC. In this step, each product is described from the most general characteristics to the most specific details, so that your product distinguishes itself from others that may be similar. Ideally you wish to obtain an Ex-Tarifario valid only for your product and not those of your competitors.
  • Presentation and defense of your Ex-Tarifario application to the MDIC in Brasília
  • Personalized support throughout the process.

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