How to import goods into Brazil?

Importation: how does it work in Brazil?

The importation process in Brazil is long and complex. Understanding the administrative risks and choosing the right partners are crucial to managing the process and avoiding goods being held up in customs.

If you have a RADAR, you face administrative difficulties when importing. Novatrade can provide you with a solution by managing the flows of your imports. If you do not have an import license (RADAR), Novatrade can import on your behalf with our RADAR.

Stages of the Importation Process

This process can be divided into 4 main stages:

  1. Administrative

All government procedures and requirements before importation. These procedures vary depending on the operation and the goods (registration of the goods, import licenses to be obtained). Among these procedures:

RADAR authorization to import or export Obtaining Import License (LI) if necessary

  1. Fiscal

Customs clearance on importation to verify:

The similarity between the importer’s declaration and the imported goods Possible specific requirements according to the law. Check Import duties and payments of taxes related to the goods.

The Customs Broker is the mediator responsible for following the importation procedures, giving the “go” for the goods, and registering the LI requests in SISCOMEX.

  1. Operational stage

International transportation, storage at the port/airport of destination, storage in a bonded warehouse if necessary, delivery to the importer’s location.

  1. Payment stage

Purchase of foreign currencies during the currency exchange. To address the complexity of importation in Brazil, specific importation modalities have been developed, such as Importation on Behalf of a Third Party, allowing outsourcing to specialized companies for import operations and responsibility towards customs.

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