Not sure how to position or price your products?

Our research services help you make more informed decisions on how to approach your Brazil market-entry strategy.

We make your expansion project viable by analyzing each step, and the associated costs, of your operations.
We help you create a comprehensive go-to-market strategy and business plan that includes all the contingencies and details you need to be aware of.

Challenges for your
Pricing Strategy

  • No visibility in a complex tax system
  • Failed to adapt the business plan to the administrative reality of Brazil
  • Lack of knowledge about costs optimization leverage
  • Unaware regarding taxes payment timelines and necessary cash flow
  • Difficulties to perceive the hurdles of running a business in Brazil
  • Not logistics infrastructure designed to e-commerce


Novatrade is built as a single system for orchestrating the entire flow of commerce, from strategic pre-analysis, logistics fulfillment orchestration, technology, customer service, e-commerce invoicing and marketing. All critical commerce functionality is included and designed to work together in real time so everything is always in sync and orders run smoothly, exactly as they should.

Veja o fluxograma

Brazil Cost is the expression used to refer to a set of structural, bureaucratic, labor and economic difficulties that increase the prices of national products and logistics costs and contribute for an excessive tax burden

This is a reality that needs to be faced to adapt your market entrance strategy.

Here is the base for a sucessfull business in Brazil and benefit from a growing market that is already among the biggest.



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