Doing Business in Brazil: Cultural Considerations

When conducting business internationally, understanding cultural norms and business etiquette is essential. As the largest economy in Latin America, Brazil presents an attractive opportunity for global expansion. This guide will provide insights into Brazil’s unique business culture, offering you a strategic advantage in your dealings.

Understanding Brazilian Business Culture

Brazilian business culture is a fascinating blend of formal traditions and warm personal interactions. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Relationships Matter: Personal relationships are integral to conducting business in Brazil. Brazilians prefer to know who they are dealing with on a personal level before engaging in business transactions. It is common to have preliminary meetings and social gatherings before discussing business.
  • Hierarchy and Respect: Brazilian business culture is traditionally hierarchical. Decisions are usually made at the top. Showing respect to senior members and adhering to the organizational hierarchy is essential.
  • Negotiation Style: Brazilians are known for their negotiation skills. They appreciate good arguments, so be ready to provide detailed explanations. Patience is key, as negotiations can take time, and decisions are rarely made in the first meeting.

Business Etiquette in Brazil

  • Meeting Etiquette: Punctuality can be flexible in Brazil, but as a foreigner, it’s best to arrive on time. Meetings start with casual conversation before moving on to business. Also, remember that Portuguese is the language of business in Brazil. Although many business professionals speak English, having your materials translated into Portuguese shows respect and preparation.
  • Business Attire: Brazilians take pride in their appearance. In major cities like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the business attire is formal. Men should wear suits and ties, and women should wear business suits or formal dresses.
  • Greetings: Brazilians are warm and tactile. A firm handshake, maintaining good eye contact, and greeting each person individually is expected. Cheek kissing is common among women, and between men and women, especially if they’ve met before.
  • Business Cards: When exchanging business cards, ensure that one side is in Portuguese and the other in your native language. Present your card with the Portuguese side facing the recipient. Accept a business card with your right hand, take a moment to read it before placing it in a card case or your pocket.


When you plan to do business in Brazil, understanding the cultural nuances can make a substantial difference. By respecting and adapting to the local business culture and etiquette, you enhance your chances of building strong business relationships and achieving success.

Remember that this guide is a starting point. To truly understand and navigate the complexities of Brazilian business culture, consider partnering with local experts like Novatrade, who can provide nuanced insights and guidance for your business journey in Brazil.

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