Do you want to set-up a local presence in Brazil avoiding the hurdles of opening a subsidiary?

Understand how works our One-Stop-Shop solution.

Brazil is somewhat specific in terms of trade regulation and a foreign company cannot export its product and custom-clear it from abroad to deliver it to a fulfillment center. 

You need a local Import of Record (IOR) partner or a subsidiary with an import license RADAR to do so. 

We are both IOR with RADAR as well as complete e-commerce fulfillment provider and therefore offer an alternative to opening a subsidiary. 

We act as your operation branch dealing with: 

– Import management under Novatrade import license

– Customs clearance under Novatrade import license 

– Logistics fulfillment 

– E-commerce operations management 

– Customer support 

– Marketplace integration and management 

–             Marketing 

–             Finance management and Business Intelligence 

As one-stop-shop, we will be responsible for the sales in Brazil to your final customers. This is a BtBtC business model. 

However, make the difference with a distributor which take the commercial risk of your expansion, also taking the control of your marketing mix and applying much higher margin. 

With us, your stock will remain in consignment in Brazil, managed and operated by Novatrade, and you get paid when sales are being made. No commercial risk is taken, but our margin allows you to remain competitive. And you keep full control!

Indeed, we are a white label solution, meaning that all the purchase experience and the communication to your customer is made under your branding and the way you want. As if you were really in Brazil as a local seller!  

Novatrade acts only in back office, being plugged directly into your e-commerce platform or in contact with your sales team, we fulfill the order automatically when a sale is made. 

Beyond an operational solution, Novatrade provides its customers with real business intelligence with specialists to support your sales.

You can count on marketing, customer support, B.I, and finance teams to guide you.

It’s the idea of ​​one-stop-shop, one stop at Novatrade to penetrate Brazil with a single partner gathering all what you need.

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