Corporate Expedition to the Port of Santos: An Immersion in Port Operations and Networking

On Thursday, June 6th, Novatrade had the immense pleasure of organizing a corporate expedition to the Port of Santos along with the team from the French-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (CCIFB). This event provided a unique opportunity for high-level executives from various French-Brazilian companies to delve into the port’s operations, logistical activities, and modernization projects at one of the most important ports in Latin America.

Visit Itinerary

The visit itinerary was carefully planned to offer a comprehensive and detailed view of port activities. The first stop was at the facilities of the Port Authority of Santos, where participants could better understand the management and operation of the port, which handles millions of tons of cargo annually. Discussions with the Port Authority managers revealed the challenges and solutions implemented to optimize the flow of goods and ensure the safety of operations.

Next, we visited Tecon Santos, the port’s container terminal, which is one of the most modern in the region. The executives had the chance to see firsthand how advanced technologies are being used to improve efficiency and reduce waiting times. The presentation included a demonstration of the loading and unloading operations, as well as insights into future investments to expand the terminal’s capacity.

Tour of the Port Channel and Port Museum

One of the most anticipated moments was the boat tour of the port channel. This activity provided a unique perspective on the port’s operations and allowed participants to observe the movement of ships and port infrastructure from a different angle. It was an excellent opportunity to ask questions and better understand the logistics involved in maritime operations.

The visit to the Port Museum was equally enriching. The museum preserves and displays the history of the Port of Santos, highlighting its importance to Brazil’s economic development. The exhibits helped participants contextualize the changes and advancements over the years and reflect on the future of the port sector.

Lectures and Networking

To complement the technical visit, we organized lectures with experts in logistics, foreign trade, and port innovation. These sessions provided valuable insights into industry trends and challenges, as well as fostered productive discussions among participants.

The expedition also served as a platform for diverse networking. Executives and service providers in maritime import and export had the opportunity to exchange experiences, establish new connections, and explore business opportunities. This collaborative environment was crucial for strengthening business relationships and encouraging strategic partnerships.


The corporate expedition to the Port of Santos was an absolute success, providing participants with a complete immersion into the world of port operations. The careful organization and collaboration between CCIFB and the port representatives ensured an enriching and unforgettable experience. We look forward to future editions and to continuing to promote events that add value and knowledge to the business sector.

If you would like to learn more about our upcoming expeditions or are interested in participating, please contact us. We look forward to your participation in our future initiatives!

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