Establishing Your Company in Brazil:

Are you prepared to set up your business in the country? Novatrade stands ready to assist you throughout this journey.

Our Company Establishing Services

Company Setup

  • Draft Bylaws: Detail company structure, activities, and ownership.
  • Register Bylaws: File with local commerce registry.
  • Obtain CNPJ: Get Corporate Taxpayer ID from Federal Revenue.
  • Secure Licenses: Acquire operating licenses and registrations for service and commercial activities.
  • Open Bank Account: Set up for operations and capital deposits, register foreign capital if applicable.

Legal Representation

  • Legal Representative Required: Must reside in Brazil (Brazilian or foreigner with permanent visa) and possess a Brazilian tax ID (CPF or CNPJ) registered with the Federal Revenue.
  • Responsibilities: Accountable for company liabilities and debts, Subject to civil and criminal liability.

Company Legal Residence

  • Provide Legal Address to form a company.
  • Adequated for obtaining import and regulatory licenses (e.g., healthcare)

Operation-Ready Setup

  • Secure Import Licenses (RADAR)
  • Obtain Regulatory Licenses (ANVISA, MAPA)
  • Customize ERP System for Brazilian Market

Opening Your Local Company in Brazil: Key Factor of Sucess

Success in Brazil significantly depends on being locally established due to specific legislative advantages.

Company Establishing

Our team streamlines the process of establishing a company in Brazil, offering expert guidance to ensure you have a fully operational setup.

How does it work?


We establish your company from the ground up, handling registrations across federal, state, and municipal jurisdictions, and we also open your bank account.


We offer the required local representation needed to launch and manage your company.


We supply a suitable legal address for your company, essential for obtaining import and regulatory licenses (e.g., healthcare).


We ensure your company is operation-ready by securing your Import and Regulatory Licenses along with any necessary administrative registrations.


We tailor your company’s structure to fit the Brazilian market, including ERP, import, and sales processes.


Time and Investment: Establishing a local company is a long-term commitment, especially for businesses involving physical goods.

Market Validation: Ensure your business has validated demand in Brazil to justify the investment.

Alternative Approaches:

Explore strategies to engage in the Brazilian market without immediately establishing a local company.

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