Bonded Warehouse

Store products in Brazil « free of tax »

Also referred to as a « Dry Port », the Bonded warehouse is a logistics management tool that allows foreign companies to store their goods in Brazil without paying duties, federal taxes or ICMS levied at the port of entry. The goods are imported directly to a customs warehouse where they are stored for a maximum of 24 months (2 years), taxes will only be collected at the time of customs’ clearance (sale).


Advantages of the Bonded Warehouse

As a logistics tool, bonded warehouses offer advantages in terms of flexibilitycosts and risk management.


  • Possibility of selling to several customers (importers, distributors, and end customers).
  • Partial customs clearance based on sales (nationalization by customers, partners or distributors).
  • Return unsold goods to the consignor or re-export to another country without any taxes.
  • Production of packaging, repackaging, labeling or markdowns on the merchandise while in warehouse.


  • Low inventory costs.
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Import cost dilution (economies of scale)
  • Payment of taxes only for the product sold

Risk Management

  • Maintain the product’s ownership
  • Return the stock to the exporter at any time

The Added Value of Novatrade

  • Control the relationship between your company, the bonded warehouse, the customs broker and the end customer
  • Preparation of commercial invoices and packaging list according to customer’s request
  • Calculation of Customs Clearance Costs
  • Stock control in the Bonded Warehouse



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