Benefits of ANVISA Product Registration Holder Service

The holder service is essential for companies operating in the healthcare, cosmetics, food, and other sectors regulated by the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA). There are several important reasons to take advantage of the benefits of an ANVISA product registration holder service:

  1. Specialized expertise: ANVISA is responsible for regulating and supervising various sectors related to consumer health and safety. Having access to an ANVISA product registration holder service means having experienced and specialized professionals who possess extensive knowledge of the agency’s regulations and requirements. They will ensure that the registration process is carried out correctly and efficiently.
  2. Error reduction: Product registration with ANVISA involves a series of documents and requirements that must be met for product commercialization. By utilizing a holder service, you minimize errors in the registration process, as the professionals handling the service have technical expertise and experience in the field, avoiding potential issues and rework.
  3. Expedited process: The registration process with ANVISA can be time-consuming and bureaucratic, which may delay the introduction of new products to the market. With an ANVISA product registration holder service, you can expedite the registration process, ensuring that your products are launched in the market as quickly as possible, enhancing your competitiveness.
  4. Process monitoring: An ANVISA product registration holder service offers comprehensive process monitoring, keeping you informed about the status of your registration and providing specialized support when needed. This ensures that you are always up to date and prepared to handle any eventualities.
  5. Cost reduction: The registration process with ANVISA incurs various costs, such as registration fees and payments to professionals involved in document preparation. By opting for a holder service, you can reduce these costs, as the service is shared among multiple clients, making it more affordable and cost-effective for your company.

In the holder process, the Brazilian company transfers the license and operating authorization to the foreign company, making it legally responsible for the products in Brazil. This allows you to expand your business securely and in compliance with local regulations. 

It is important to complement by explaining that the holding company is not necessarily the entity responsible for product distribution. In fact, the holding company can authorize multiple importers and distributors to import and distribute the products. This holding service allows the records to not be solely in the hands of a single importer/distributor, preventing the foreign brand from relying exclusively on one partner. This enables the foreign brand to maintain its independence and have greater flexibility in product distribution.

If your company is interested in operating with healthcare products in Brazil, please contact our experts. We are ready to provide all the necessary support and ensure that you have a strong and successful presence in the Brazilian market.

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