Established in 2013, Novatrade has dedicated itself to developing an unique ecosystem of solutions aimed at one objective: to facilitate and enable the development of international companies in Brazil.

Novatrade was created from the observation that the Brazilian market was attractive for many international companies, but the customs regulations make it difficult for foreign companies to export and establish a stock and distribution in Brazil without having a subsidiary, and no other alternative than finding a distributor.

In parallel with this observation, the opening of a subsidiary in Brazil requires investments and time which can be a No Go factor for several companies, in particular at a stage of the project where the returns on investment are not clear.

From these two facts, the idea was born to create a one-of-a-kind business model offering a new alternative to international companies to enter (and test) the Brazilian market at lower cost and risk while taking advantage of the expertise of local teams already established.

This one-of-a-kind business model translates in the following way: The provision of a complete structure of Importer of Record as a service, benefiting from all the certifications and infrastructure necessary to import, store and distribute its products.

The pooling of teams and skills allowing economies of scale by taking advantage of the complete human resources necessary for the project while dividing the costs with others.

All combined allowing a drastic reduction in time to market, greatly reduced initial investments, a fast and error-free learning curve, and a quick vision of potential market returns to decide on the next steps in its development.

This is why we define ourselves as Brazilian Incubador where you access to an infrastructure and an ecosystem of services BtB and BtC to develop, accelerate and consolidate in Brazil, through a single partner: Novatrade

The products and solutions that are part of our ecosystem can be contracted in the complete or modular model, according to the strategy and needs of each brand. In any case, you will have at your disposal a specialized workforce, robust physical and technological infrastructure, integrated and in constant improvement, data intelligence to support decision-making and scalability.

We know exactly how to look at Brazil with foreign eyes

Novatrade was founded by two Europeans and has grown over time with an international team understanding the challenges and differences that every foreign entrepreneur will face in the Brazilian market through multiple sector development and distribution scenarios.

From the experiences and specific requests that have arisen with each project, we have been able to build a complete and optimized ecosystem in terms of process and technology to meet the expectations of our customers and offer them solutions adapted to their sector and distribution channels, whether digital or in the field.

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Our Clients

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