The main e-commerce & marketing trends in 2023

2022 was a year marked by several political, economic, social and environmental challenges. And every year, communication takes on an even more important role in building dialogues that are relevant to society and, of course, to the transformation of companies.

Digital has grown exponentially, with new tools, resources and channels. The explosion of Tik Tok, the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, other social media channels, like BeReal and Koo, arriving on the market to meet user demand, new advertising formats, live and social commerce, the dominance of videos, data marketing and the growing number of influencers show a little of the transformations we have experienced in 2022.

And for 2023? What can we expect? According to a report from Global Interconnection Index (GXI), more than 50% of entrepreneurs intend to focus on building new digital business models in 2023, adapting their ecosystem, value chain and brand platform to have more synergy and avoid failures, crises and reputational damage. And this is totally reflected in the way of communicating. Let’s see some of these trends?


Digital audiences are interested in authenticity. Just look at the growth of the new social media BeReal, which does not allow edits to poste photos and values ​​spontaneity. In 2022 alone, the network gained more than 8 million monthly active users.

On the side of the brands, what is expected is the alignment between the discourse of authenticity and practice. When creating campaigns with influencers, for example, it is necessary to consider whether those people reflect the values ​​and universe of the business. To generate strong relationships, content needs to be relatable.

2. Microinfluencers

It is in the hands of micro-influencers to create deeper connections between brands and different consumer profiles. After all, the trustable relation they have built with their audience makes easier to them to adapt the brand message to different consumers. Plus, in an age of tight budgets, partnering with micro-influencers is more affordable for your company.

3. Cultivating communities

As platforms lose their social edge, brands that manage to cultivate communities can retain engagement. In this sense, one solution is to invest in user-generated content (UGC), bringing followers into the conversation and having a keen eye for participating in current affairs are ways to keep the conversation going on social media.

4. Decentralized social media

A considerable part of the digital audience seeks greater control over the way they consume content. From this, decentralized social media grow as one of the great trends for 2023. Examples such as Minds, Mastodon and Bluesky, developed by the creator of Twitter, point to a future in which the user controls the algorithm.

This decentralization will require new brand strategies. In decentralized networks, the focus should be on strengthening communities: talking to smaller audiences more closely.

5. Hacking the algorithm

Despite the growth of new social networks, giants such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube will continue to be very present in consumers’ lives. As Hootsuite reveals, over 84% of TikTok users are also on Facebook.

But on these networks, brands will need to dance according to the music. Mark Zuckerberg himself has already warned that 30% to 40% of the feed will be made up of AI suggestions. It is necessary to keep an eye on what each network prioritizes in its algorithm in order to burst the bubble.

6. Short videos

One of the ways to hack the algorithm is through short videos or content pills for quick consumption. According to research by YOUPIX and Nice House, 85.5% of people who work with short videos guarantee that the strategy works for the business.

This is one of the main trends of social networks, popularized not only by new networks, like TikTok and Kwai, but also by the old acquaintances of the public who are chasing the format. In this sense, Instagram with Reels and YouTube with YouTube Shorts have prioritized showing short videos.

7. Networks grow in Twitter’s shadow

Since Elon Musk bought Twitter, the microblogging network has lost half of its biggest advertisers due to brand safety risks and support issues. The public also fears for the future of the platform, but Brazilians seem to have found a new bird to call their own.

The Koo network gained almost 3 million users in Brazil in a few days. Mastodon has been another destination for many netizens, while Bluesky’s launch is not in contention.

8. Crisis Management

It is urgent that companies have a manual for dealing with crisis in social networks. You never know where the crisis might come from: a customer comment, a speech from leaders or partnership with influencers. For this very reason, businesses need to remain vigilant and prepared to act quickly.

9. Customer Support

One of the great trends of social networks is their use as a customer service channel. Instead of resorting to traditional channels, such as the website or e-mail, the consumer runs to the networks because he knows that there the chances of being heard are greater. So, Hubspot emphasizes the importance of chatbots to automate the process and not overload the agents.

10. Social Commerce

Sales through social networks is one of the main retail trends. According to eMarketer, this is a market that is expected to reach 80 billion dollars by 2025. This means, at first, that brands should invest in SEO for networks. After all, as pointed out by GWI, 54% of users already resort to social platforms to search for products.

From this, it is also necessary to invest in content that unites entertainment and sales. Live transmissions with product demonstrations and the possibility of purchasing through networks have become an increasingly widespread practice and are worth including in your strategy.

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