Novatrade is an Accelerator of International Companies to Test, Expand and Consolidate their Operation in Brazil

Welcome to Novatrade!

Brazilian Business Accelerator: we enable international
companies to expand their presence in Brazil

We offer quick, customer oriented and low risk solutions to allow your company grow and thrive in the biggest economy in Latin America.

Our solutions guarantee not only your company’s presence in Brazil but also give all the support needed to work as if you were local.

We take care of your back office while you focus on your core business.

With you all along the way

Our services match each part of the journey of international companies establishing presence in Brazil.


This is our first stage when we will define the strategy and action plans for your company to develop in Brazil.

We provide your company a complete analysis and guidelines for your business operation. We understand the risks, investments involved and, then, decide on the most efficient allocation of your resources to achieve your goals.


Once the strategy is established, we get to our second stage focused on practical actions to start your operation in Brazil.

We offer a complete structure and operational expertise to increase your performance and efficiency.
Through integrated services and solutions, we help you accelerate your business and sales in an easy, riskless and fast way.


After customers’ operations have started and their activities have increased, the perpetuity of the business is essential.

On this stage, we will work to strengthen your presence in the market, supporting the anchoring of the brand and increasing its relevance in the local context.

Brazilian Business Accelerator

We enable your company to expand its presence in Brazil


Go To Market

A complete solution for your go-to-market strategy, helping you take decisions.

Importer As a Service

The best Door-to-door Logistic and IOR Provider for your import operation managed door-to-door.

B2B Fulfillment

A fulfillment provider enabling international companies having a local stock in Brazil.

E-Commerce Fulfillment

A one-stop-shop solution for your e-commerce in Brazil.


Marketing Solutions to gain awareness and increase sales in Brazil.


An integrated service for regulated markets.

Employer Of Record

Recruit Talent in Brazil Effortlessly.

Company Establishing

Establishing Your Company in Brazil.


Business Process Outsourcing.

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Advantages of having a local partner to expand to Brazil

Advantages of having a local partner to expand to Brazil

Our Clients

Our Clients

What do They Say

What do they say

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