Cross-Border E-commerce fulfillment service for the Brazilian market

Looking for a new growth point for your business?

Ecommerce businesses looking to expand internationally encounter an outstanding opportunity in Brazil.  The country’s ecommerce industry continued booming:  in 2019, a quarter of the country’s population purchased online and ecommerce revenues grew by 12%, reaching a total of USD 26.4 billion. For 2021, the segment is forecasted to see a growth of 13%.

NOVATRADE helps Online Sellers to expand in Brazil via fully-managed and turnkey solutions. Partner with us to build your Ecommerce and brand presence in Brazil low risk and low cost.

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A Ready-To-Go Solution to Sell in Brazil

Our comprehensive services saves you from the hurdles of setting and operating a Ecommerce Business in Brazil.

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One Complete E-commerce System

Novatrade is built as a single system for orchestrating the entire flow of commerce, from pricing pre-analysis, import management, customs clearance, inventory, and fulfillment orchestration. All critical commerce functionality is included and designed to work together in real-time so everything is always in sync and orders run smoothly, exactly as they should.

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IT Integration
Tax & Strategy
Digital Marketing
Fulfillment Logistics
Payment & Anti-fraud
Financial Management
Customer Support
Reverse Logistics


One of the World’s Fastest Growing E-commerce Markets

of yearly growth until 2021
of the LATAM industry’s revenue
of internet users
of online consumers have made an international purchase
of internet users
of online consumers have made an international purchase
of the LATAM industry’s revenue
of yearly growth until 2021

Restricted Access to Foreign Online Sellers


Overseas online shops cannot deliver their products to customer´s door because paying Import Duties from abroad is forbidden in Brazil.


80% of the Ecommerce market requires domestic payment methods but it is forbidden to provide Brazilian payment gateways from abroad.

Specialists’ word about Brazilian barriers

Going Local is the Key Solution


Open a Subsidiary in Brazil. Setup time ±12 months. As you can imagine, this is a long process. If you really want to manage everything yourself in Brazil, we have at Novatrade Group specialists to assist you.


Use the Novatrade Cross-Border E-commerce service. Setup time ±1 week. We will take care of every local aspect for you and you will be able to start selling in Brazil in the coming weeks!

Brazilian Trade Compliance
Payment in BRL (Reais)
Domestic Payment Methods
Instant Delivery
Customs Suppport in Portuguese
Reverse Logistics

Novatrade Cross-Border Ecommerce works directly with your online store

Best customers experience.

Full control on operations.

Direct access to marketplaces.

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Novatrade Cross-Border Ecommerce Integrates with the Largest Brazilian Marketplaces

Quick product placement for a low investment in Digital Media.

Greater visibility with high profitability.

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The Benefits of Contracting Us

Tunkey Solution
Getting Brazilian Trading Compliances
Easy and riskless
Remote Monitoring from Abroad
Smooth and Efficient Flows
Fully Integrated
Sales Growth
Best User Experience

Success Stories in Brazil


EngieApp is an Israeli company sponsored by Uri Levine, Waze co-founder, that specializes in a full car maintenance solution.

Thanks to an ergonomic OBD device found under the dashboard and connected to a phone app, EngieAPP allows you to diagnosis over 10.000 car errors and put you through its network of mechanics and gas stations to get real-time quotes from local service providers.

EngieApp launched in 2016 and is already active in the UK, Mexico and now Brazil.

They arrived in Brazil with big expectations, forecasting to double their global sales only in Brazil due to the size of the market. EngieApp contacted Novatrade at the end of 2017 to set up their operations quickly by the end of the year. A few weeks later they began distributing in Brazil through our cross-border fulfillment service benefiting from the Christmas sales increase.

Novatrade manages all operations from import to delivery and payment while digital and PR campaigns are launched continuously to support brand awareness.

In less than a semester, their sales boomed in Brazil making up 25% of their global sales with more than 25.000 products delivered and continue to grow.

Engie App website
Psio website


Psio is the product of 20 years of R&D in variable frequency audiovisual stimulation. The product provides an innovative, simple and effective solution to rediscovering optimal well-being. Equipped with a MP3 player, PSiO is a pair of glasses which combines music and relaxation with voice with light stimulation.

Psio expands themselves in Brazil through Novatrade using two channels: online sales and network sales with ambassadors.

Novatrade helps off shore companies allows the ambassadors to avoid bearing the costs of investing in local stock and developing their network with the support of an Ecommerce platform where orders, payment, delivery and customers support is managed. On the another hand, a network build by ambassadors is maintained thanks to an online community to keep in touch any updates regarding Psio and let users share experiences and advice.
Launched in October 2017, they reach around 100 000 BRL turnover within less than 10 months Psio start to grow faster proportionally to their network expansion and target also today health and well-being institutes as well as medical centers.

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